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How to Unclog a Drain: Drain Cleaning Tips 🔧
1- Break out the plunger. The easiest plan of attack, and the fantastic region to start, is with your trusty plunger.
2- Pour boiling water down the drain.
3- Use baking soda & vinegar.
4- Use a bent wire hanger.
5- Make Toilet Bombs.
6- Reach for the snake.
7- Put down the drain cleaner.
8- Phone a friend.

Sunday, November 24, 2019

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What causes toilet not to flush completely?

A common cause of not completely flushing toilets is inadequate tank water. Since a good flush depends on a rush of water coming down from the tank into the toilet bowl, insufficient water means insufficient pressure, and the toilet can only flush partially. Test the tank's water level. 💪

Thursday, September 12, 2019

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How to Fix a Leaky Toilet Tank

🚽 Method 1
Determining the Cause of the Leak
💧 1
Turn off the water provide to the toilet.
💧 2
Mark the water stage in the tank with a marker or a pencil.
💧 3
Add coloring or meals dye to the water and wait 10 minutes.
💧 4
Check the water in the bathroom bowl to see if it’s changed color.
💧 5
Look to see if the water degree in the tank has long gone up or down.
💧 6
Check if the dyed water from the tank has leaked onto the floor.

🚽 Method 2
Replacing a Flush Valve
💧 1
Turn off the water provide to the loo and flush it.
💧 2
Remove the nuts connected to the supply tube and to the bathroom bowl.
💧 3
Lift the tank off of the bowl as soon as the nuts have been loosened.
Unscrew the locknut on the bottom of the tank and take away the valve.
💧 5
Place the new flush valve in the spot where the historical valve was.
💧 6
Tighten the locknut with a monkey wrench to complete the installation.
💧 7
Place the tank back on the bathroom and tighten the bolts.
🚽 Method 3
Fixing a Fill Valve Leak
💧 1
Turn off the toilet’s water provide and dispose of the water from the tank.
💧 2
Disconnect the water provide tube in the back of the tank.
💧 3
Unscrew the locknut attached to the fill valve on the bottom of the tank.
💧 4
Remove the historic fill valve via the top of the tank.
💧 5
Place the new fill valve in the tank and deploy it per its instructions.
💧 6
Reattach the water grant tube behind the tank and turn on the water.
🚽 Method 4
Tightening Leaky Gaskets
💧 1
Turn off the water and empty the water out of the tank.
💧 2
Locate the bolts in the tank that connect the tank to the bowl.
💧 3
Use an adjustable wrench and screwdriver to tighten these bolts.
💧 4
Refill the tank and test for leaks coming from the bolts.

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